As Facebook announced its upcoming IPO, lots of interrogations are still pending about the relevance of such an important valorization, whereas the website’s revenues are still border line.
This longed-for IPO is the occasion to come back on the short history of this social network and to understand better the bases on which he is developed.
It’s also the occasion to anticipate the issues which it would facing with, to forecast the areas of growth that would enable it to concretize his current success, and see how this company might be a potential source of benefits.

Facebook is surely facing with threats and its IPO valuation is the highest ever, but few opportunities let think it could reinforce its success. Mobile is for sure the key opportunity that might sustain its growth.

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  1. Mobile is for sure the main Facebook's issue as users are spending more times on its mobile app than on its website : http://techcrunch.com/2012/05/11/time-spent-on-facebook-mobile/